Geoff Smith – Loving On A Big Hill

Today Geoff Smith twittered the following:

its been quite a morning. Flat tire. Loving on a big hill makes it so hard to change the tire

I was a bit confused by this. As I figure many people were. Hence, his next tweet:

ok. My iPhone typing is really bad. I meant to say “living” on a hill. But “loving” on a hill sounds a lot more fun.

The tweets following this mentioned requests by twitters to create a song from this accidental typo, recording the song, mixing the song (between performances, no less), and uploading it for us all to listen to.

In total this took Geoff less than 15 hours. Awesome!

I love Geoff, and the power of Twitter.

Here’s the song on the PodSafe Music Network: Loving On A Big Hill

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