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I’ve been pondering the idea of promoting positive thoughts for about a month. I just needed to figure out how to go about it without sounding all high-and-mighty. Hopefully, this idea works out for the better.

All too often I see depressed and/or negative tweets on Twitter. Some people I follow are more prone to this than others. Some try to cover it up. Some don’t.

Obviously, without negativity, pessimism, and bad things in the world, we can’t distinguish the positive things. Well, that’s what I’m told, and it makes sense, right?

I know I’m fairly unique in being overly optimistic and positive, but I am human, and I have been through tough times. I’m also not exempt from posting unhappy tweets (example), but I’m not faking my giddy attitude on Twitter or in any aspect of my life. I am who I am, and the people I surround myself (especially my awesome family) with have molded me to have such a positive outlook on life.

Sure, in recent years I’ve probably watched one too many videos by Gary Vaynerchuk. (He gets sad, too!) I was giddy before “social media” (2006) though. I realised I can do anything and be anything I want to be. Nothing can stop me and nothing will.

Chuck posted a good example on how he’s changed his view on life in recent years.

This post isn’t a discussion about how to be positive though (would anyone like a post like that?). It’s about rewarding those who are generally positive. “Good things happen to good people.” (video – coming soon)

Hence, I’ve decided to help out those people and encourage the negative people to change their mindset.

What this means
I’ll be watching the tweets from people that I follow and keeping a mental record of their overall positivity. If I’m not following you, then it’s going to be hard for you to “participate”. Ways to get around this would be to have your positive tweets retweeted by someone I follow, and/or asking me to follow you (I may if your tweets interest me). Even if I do follow you, I may not see all your tweets because I follow too many people to keep up with.

This isn’t necessarily a contest. It’s a quest to bring more joy to the world (and Twitter).

This ‘quest’ will continue indefinitely. Sometime around January 1st, 2010, I will choose one or more people to receive a gift of something they might need in their life. Whether it’s a donation, some candy, or an external hard drive to backup their data.

Of course, I’m not going to be giving away any cars (Oprah-style). That is, unless this ‘quest’ becomes huge and Mercedes decides to donate a car once or twice a year. See? I’m optimistic.

If your tweets are vague, then I have the right to give my own opinion on people’s tweets. I will give some examples of what I consider positive, negative, neutral/emotional, and void tweets.



FANTASTIC Halloween...



Indifferent/Emotional (Void)

What the frak...

Boyfriend in a dumbwaiter...

And then I felt sad...

As the above shows: I will ignore as many emotional and sport fueled tweets — positive and negative. That said, swearing will sway your tweets towards the negative side.

I’m not judging anyone or asking anyone to change the way they tweet (and their lives). I’m just trying to reward those that have a giddy outlook on life. I’m not asking you to fabricate optimistic tweets. Only those who be themselves will receive rewards.


4 Replies to “Be Giddy on Twitter”

  1. Eep I'll have to cut back on my swearing (I don't think it's bad but still). I'll also have to make a conscious effort to be more giddy on a daily basis


  2. Hehe. Eventually it will be an unconscious thing; you'll have a hard time not sharing optimism with the world.

    I don't recall seeing much swearing on your Twitter account. That said, I know lots of people that don't swear on Twitter, but have potty mouths in real life.

    Swearing isn't all bad though. Here's my discussion on swearing:

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