A world of adventure

I love traveling. I love nature. And I love friends.

Today I finished watching the show/documentary By Any Means. It was about getting from Ireland to Sydney, Australia by any means possible (besides aircraft whenever possible). I only discovered the show about a week ago when I was mindlessly flipping through the Foxtel (cable TV) EPG.

The main people on-camera in the show were Charlie Boorman (from Long Way Round) and his buddy Russ Malkin. They had just one cameraman (Mungo) for many sections of the trip, and in each location a translator and sometimes another camera operator would join.

It was an inspirational show, and now I want to do a similar trip.

I’ve seen a lot of the United States. Well, the major cities and some smaller towns. I’d like to fill in the gaps (Grand Canyon, Route 66, Yosamite National Park, etc) when I go back next year.

That said, I haven’t seen squat around Australia. I’ve lived in Adelaide and Sydney. I’ve been to Brisbane and Canberra. Other than that I’ve neglected Australia’s wondrous landscape.
Of course, I would just LOVE to up and go right now, but I have no way of funding such an adventure at this point in time, nor can I just leave my job, and other commitments at this time.

Plus, I’m a little addicted to the Internet. So much so that I was thinking of unique ways to go on an adventure around Australia (or even around the world), and I came up with ‘Staying Connected By Any Means’. Yes, it’s a working title. 😛

What I propose to you, my friends, is that in a few years you join me for an adventure where we can attempt to stay connected to the Internet for as long as possible. By that time 3G/4G coverage around the world should be pretty well covered and it might even be possible!

We could even dismiss the whole Internet idea and just document it all on handheld cameras. Either way, I know it would be a life-changing experience and full of awesomeness!

So. Maybe a 2013 or 2015 adventure? (After everyone is out of college/university and has their life streamlined.) How does that sound?

Count yourself in down in the comments. 🙂

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  1. My Aussie muffin, this is a wonderfully giddy idea and I am so in! By that time I should be on my feet again and wanting a grand world adventure! And who better to have it with then the most giddy fantastic person I know?! 🙂 <3

  2. Remember that week we were in San Francisco, and we had internet yet the only website we could access was Google? Let's hope we don't have this problem again, because I'm totes coming on this trip. I agree with Rachel. 2013 is way cooler than 1025.

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