Why are Views so Important?

In the ‘geek community’ we’re all very aware of views. Almost every website has some form of views or ratings — especially content-rich websites like Flickr and Viddler.

I understand that ‘ratings systems’ are as old as the dinosaurs. (Meaning, the dinosaurs would compete for food — not ratings/money.) That doesn’t mean everyone has to incorporate analytics in to their lives.

I understand that it’s important for advertisers to know how many people see their ad, and thus pay the endorser the correct amount. That’s all fine and dandy.

I’ve seen many geeks mention the fact that they don’t care about views/followers and are happy that just a single person cares about what they do/create/share. Gary Vaynerchuk often says similar things.

Yes, I have Google Analytics set up on this website. No, I haven’t looked at it in about six months.

I care about the interaction between myself and my friends/fans/viewers. Hence why comments are enabled below.

Why am I basically repeating what you’ve all heard before? Because my Mom is getting established online. She has the Twitter, the Facebook, and a blog. And she’s attempting to use them — with some encouragement. Good on her!

(Mom, if you’re reading this, please take it all with a grain of salt and pepper.)

I use IMDb at least once a day to discover accurate information about a personality, tv show, or movie. It’s fantastic! I’m usually on the website for only a couple of minutes.

I’ve never had an IMDb Pro account, but I’ve seen inside Mom’s and there doesn’t seem to be much more information (that I would be interested in) than you get with the free/public version.

IMDb has a ratings system that ranks all of the personalities (actors, musicians, comedians, etc) from 1 to [the number of personalities on IMDb; well into the millions]. Each week they release how much your rating/popularity has increased or decreased. I’m told this is completely based on views to a personality’s IMDb page.

I believe the popularity rating is relative. In other words, if 100 people look at your profile one week, then 50 the next week, you profile would show a 50% decrease. If, the week after 100 people looked at it again, then it would only go up by 25%. So, eventually the increase or decrease in your rating becomes minute unless there is a big spike in views. Please, correct me if I am wrong.


My Mom is eager to keep her rating high. Who wouldn’t be, right? (Remember, I could care less about my own ratings, views, etc).

The thing that confuses me is why would you be interested in seeing her IMDb profile? Once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, right? Unless someone is in a current movie their IMDb profile probably doesn’t get viewed much.

Yes, Mom is in “Mao’s Last Dancer” which is to be released in the USA in 2010. You can view her IMDb here.

What is getting my fists all bunched up is constantly being bombarded to CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. Click my IMDb! If you create good content the people (read: views) will come.

Yes, I’ve been telling my Mom to constantly update her blog/Twitter/Facebook with relevant and fresh information about her business, classes, and travels. She’s been trying her best.

Don’t be pushy.

Since Justine has sold her soul to YouTube (not exclusively; her videos look better on Viddler) she’s been using ALL CAPS and lots of exclamation points in the titles of her videos. I understand that YouTube pays her bills, but if you try and push me around, then I’m not going to be interested.

My viewership of Justine’s videos has decreased a lot. That makes me sad.

At least Justine brings people to her website by writing a post for almost every video/photo she produces.

Bringing people to YOUR website is more important than bringing people to YouTube, IMDb, Flickr, etc. Why? Because if you do need to show a potential sponsor/advertiser the views your content gets, then it’s all there; not spread out all over the Internet. (Like a slut.)

Alright, rant over.

Summary: Screw views. Make more content!!

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