My last Sydney Adventure

Howdy friends, readers, and muppets!

This weekend is my last in Sydney for quite a while — SHOCK HORROR!!

Why won’t I be in Sydney? Well, I’m moving to America! 😀

I really want to catchup and hang out with anyone that I haven’t seen in years or even months, so I’m dedicating this weekend to you.

Yes, I realise it’s a little late notice, but hopefully that means that those of you whom do decide to come are true friends. I’ve had to put more focus than expected in to trying to give away my unused possessions.

I’m pretty well known for adventures to Pancakes on the Rocks (POTR), and The Rocks in general, so I thought we could start there at 1800 hrs on Friday evening — that’s TONIGHT!

I’ll only go ahead with these plans if at least ONE person decides to join me.

I’m happy to go on some photography adventures anywhere in Sydney on Saturday and Sunday. I’m also happy to organise specific locations as long as you tell me what you’d like to do, eat, or play on.

I’ve made a Facebook Event for this here. Please RSVP whether you’d like to join in and leave a comment about what you’d like to do. I’d rather NOT make this JUST about dinner at POTR. I want to roam around the city streets with a bunch of friends taking videos and photos — preferably during daylight hours.

I look forward to catching up!

(Bring cash for things like POTR because they don’t split bills and it gets awkward with large groups.)

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