I want Good News Week online!

Dear Channel 10,

I’ve pretty much always loved you (and Channel 7; CH9 sucks). Hence, I hope we can come to some agreement with my following proposal.

First, I’ll give you a brief back story.

I’ve watched Good News Week off and on over the years. I recall having a few chuckles, but I’ve never watched an entire season; I only really watched it if I happened to be in front of the television and it was on. I’m 23, so in previous seasons I may not have understood the full extent of the jokes/stories/games, and I might appreciate those older episodes now. I’m also a geek, and I would prefer not to buy DVDs anymore; downloads all the way.

I happened to watch 99% of Good News Week episode one for 2010. I laughed my brains out! Sure, the foam was nuts, but the episode as a whole was awesome! Then, tonight, I watched about 95% of the episode (for 5% I was distracted by a phone call which I initiated) and enjoyed it just as much as the first one. Pure chaos!

Here’s my proposal.

I’m heading to the United States of America tomorrow, and I’ll be there for more than a year. I’d rather not let the rest of Australia enjoy GNW without me, moreover I want it available online.

I know the podcast (6:23 truncated episodes) is available for free on iTunes, but I want the full episodes. If that means I have to pay $10 (c’mon, please be reasonable) for a ‘season pass’, then I’d plonk down the cash so quickly you’ll wish you’d done this sooner!


Okay, ignore my proposal. I just looked in iTunes and Season 3, episode 1, of GNW is available. Good!

Wait. The season pass is AUD$92.99?! How many episodes is that? The entire season 2 is only twelve episodes and I could buy that season for AUD$15.99 — that is far more reasonable than almost $100! There must be a glitch on the season pass, right? It’s not even in high definition!

If you put the season pass down to $15, then I’m in. Otherwise, explain yourself, or it looks like I’ll find it by other means.

I love the show, so keep up the great work, and don’t forget that Aussies live overseas too!

Derek Steen

(For everyone else: If you haven’t seen Good News Week before, I highly suggest you preview the show by checking out the podcast on iTunes. If you enjoy it, then rally with me to get season 3 cheaply available on iTunes/online worldwide (it’s currently only in the Australian iTunes store, here).

Both Channel 10 and Good News Week are @ChannelTen and @gnwtv, respectively, on Twitter.)

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  1. It would be nice if it’s available for people who don’t live in australia, I watched a few clips of it and loved, but because I live in england I don’t have full access to it. I’d do anything to get my hands on the full episodes.

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