Who’s heading to SXSW 2012?

I originally posted this on Google+ and Facebook last week. No traction in those places, so here it is on my bloggy blog. If you’d prefer to comment on either of the aforementioned posts, or @djsteen on Twitter, then go nuts. 🙂

Who’s heading to SXSW 2012?SXSW Interactive 2012 logo

In short, I’m looking for:

  • Accommodation. (Wanna share a room?)
  • Fun activities (not pointless, noisy parties).
  • Events for the Interactive and Film portions.

More details:
I’ve been to SXSW every year since 2009. It’s a great event with great people in a great city. For every one of those years I’ve had a buddy (read: girlfriend) to organise accommodation, plans, etc. Last year, that relationship changed from “girlfriend” to “good friend”. So, we’ll be hanging out while we’re there, but she has her own accommodation.

It seems all the tech “gurus” book their SXSW travel and accommodation as soon as SXSW opens registration (around October the year before). Most others seem to plan around this time (a month in advance; when there’s very little accommodation availability at most places). Last year (2011) was crowded because SXSW Music dates overlapped Interactive more than in previous years.

I guess I’m really just looking for someone to share a room with. Whether we split a hotel, or you live in Austin and wouldn’t mind me making a nice crevasse in your couch. Let me know. I have candy.

I typically go to SXSW for the Interactive (March 9-13) portion, but this year I’d like to see a film or two at the Film portion (March 9-17). They’re $10 at the door, and on par with the likes of Sundance entrants.

In past years, we’ve completed several Gowalla (sadly, Gowalla is now closed) trips in Austin, but I’d still like to see more of the town (away from the conference centre) because it is such a lovely city. I may be riding a Razor scooter again this year. They’re VERY handy (and quick!) for traveling around the different SXSW hubs in the city. One year, we did bikes. Those were handy, but the rental fees are more costly, and they are more complex in tight situations (crowds, buses, getting back to the hotel, etc.).

Lastly, there’s no more Diggnation, so no live show this year. I wonder if Revision3 will still have a big event at Stubb’s anyway. Either way, I’m not particularly keen on the event, so I might just skip it to get ice cream the Ice Cream Man.

Let me know your thoughts and plans. (Even if we’re not friends yet; we should meetup and hangout.)

Oh, and I go badgeless. Like a boss.

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  1. Hey Derek!

    It will be my first time on the event! Im from Sao Paulo, Brazil! You can add me on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/diogoabdalla ) or follow me on Twitter ( http://www.twitter.com/diogoabdalla ).
    I want to watch some “keynote” conferences, check the place, take lot of pictures, jump into some parties, meet cool people, have lot of fun, etc. I will probably invite a group of brazilians there, and try to meet them at the studio im gonna stay, listen to some music, drink beer and them hang out. Maybe you wanna to go too! 🙂



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