Viddler’s new video page design

Last night I had some trouble accessing various areas on Viddler; namely my dashboard.

After about half an hour everything was back to normal and Viddler now has a new video page design. The most exciting new features — widescreen without letterboxing, faster player loading, new embedding options — are detailed on The Viddler Spotlight.

The very first thing I noticed, though, was how much more it looked like YouTube. I think the only difference between the two now is: Viddler has a larger player, better quality, does better widescreen, and displays the related videos slightly differently. And, yes, if the user allows it, you can download Viddler videos.

While Viddler’s on-site video viewing may make YouTube regulars feel comfortable on Viddler, I think previous designs were better, and people should be used to other video sites being different (in features and design).

The following images show Viddler (left) and YouTube (right) side by side:

Not logged in. Viewing widescreen videos. | Logged in. Viewing 4:3 videos.
Click on the images to see full size versions.

As you can see, there isn’t too much difference until you get in close.

I’m not too sure why Viddler’s new design wasn’t shown to Viddlerers (for approval) like the grey bar was.
I admit, I don’t mind the grey bar, but I still would prefer the green one. I love the new features (yay for bug fixes), but I’m not to sure the YouTube design will grow on me.

Easter Thoughts

Over the past several years I’ve grown out of Easter.

First, in my early teen years, I began to realise that hollow milk chocolate is the worst chocolate in the world. Can’t I pay $20 for a massive egg that’s filled?
Sure, Lindt (good Swiss chocolate) have their Easter Bunnies, but they’re still hollow; no fun!

Then, in my late teen years, I decided I’ve had enough chocolate. So I began to ask for different kinds of presents at Easter. Gladly, my parents agreed.
Easter Egg Hunts are fun, but when it’s just my sister and I there isn’t really any competition; we share.

In 2004, I remember asking everyone I knew (especially religious people) why on Earth did Easter change days that year. I swear it was always on April the 14th. Or 19th?

Every year since then I’ve asked people the same question. I believe I got an answer once, but it didn’t stick in my brain, so I’m clueless again.

I’m not very religious at all. I love God, Bruce Almighty, Jesus, Moses (because he parted the Red Sea or something), and most of all the Dalai Lama. But I wouldn’t be able to tell you what religious meaning Easter has.
Jesus died and rose again, right? Well how the heck can the date that happened change every year? Did the person (one of Jebuses disciples?) recording this in to the bible just write “Good Friday”? Because that disciple hated him or something?
I’m sure non-religious people have been confused about Easter since forever. If not, go me!

Now I’m probably going to have Tom Cruise and every other religion turn up at my door — or at least the comments section of this post — and start cramming it in to my brain. Which is kind of what I need/want? No, I will not come to CCCCCC on Sunday, but I’ll listen to your Easter Bunny story. 🙂

Now for a reason why holidays — in this case Easter — suck.

This evening I casually asked my sister why Supernatural wasn’t on TV last night. I didn’t expect much of an answer. She said “Probably because of the long weekend holiday …” That was enough to bring back memories of this time last year and make me furious!
Yes, once again, the TV networks aren’t airing any new content over the whole week leading up to the Easter holiday; No Supernatural, no LOST, and no House. Guess what, it looks like I’ll have more time to catch up on Lonelygirl15 and other new media form shows. w00t!

This got me so worked up that I decided I’m going to do an Easter edition of TPAN. Just like I did a Christmas edition. Yup, I’m going to record a show ON Easter. That’s how much I CARE about my audience.

The TV networks can have fun with their low ratings this week. kbye!


Confused/Annoyed Derek



Geoff Smith – Loving On A Big Hill

Today Geoff Smith twittered the following:

its been quite a morning. Flat tire. Loving on a big hill makes it so hard to change the tire

I was a bit confused by this. As I figure many people were. Hence, his next tweet:

ok. My iPhone typing is really bad. I meant to say “living” on a hill. But “loving” on a hill sounds a lot more fun.

The tweets following this mentioned requests by twitters to create a song from this accidental typo, recording the song, mixing the song (between performances, no less), and uploading it for us all to listen to.

In total this took Geoff less than 15 hours. Awesome!

I love Geoff, and the power of Twitter.

Here’s the song on the PodSafe Music Network: Loving On A Big Hill

Queens In Sydney

Queen Elizabeth 2 docking at Garden Island.This morning Allie and woke up really early, and went out to watch Queen Elizabeth II sail in to Sydney Harbour.

At 6am she strolled through the heads sounding her horn. We watched from Middle Head; a perfect view.

Once she’d past Middle Head, we got back in the car and went down the road to Bradleys Head. (I’d never been there before; the view of Sydney Harbour is the most amazing I’ve ever seen!) As we arrived the QE2 was just passing by. Perfect.

We shot some beautiful photographs, and I filmed the video below on Will’s Sony HDV video camera.

The Queen Elizabeth II docked at Garden Island, while the Queen VictoriaCunard‘s latest cruise ship – docked at Circular Quay the day before.