Social Media Hire

Derek Steen is very experienced in social media. Since the beginning of the ‘trend’ he has been actively involved in a plethora of social networks including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Brightkite.

He believes in using social networks in a constructive way. Wasting time is not his game.

Security on social networks is essential. Very personal information can be stored on such networks, and it’s important that users don’t allow unauthorised use of their account(s).

Derek has over 15 years experience on both Mac OS and Windows platforms. He knows how to keep a system secure (it’s much easier on Macs) and prevent a user from entering a malicious website that may look just like the social networks they frequently visit.

If you’d like to understand how your business or personal brand can be significantly boosted in a secure way through social media, then e-mail Derek for more information.

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